Our long wait is finally coming to end, our thought process to connect direct producers from agriculture, orchards and small scale vendors to directly sell their products with us. Ultimately benefiting the both customers with reasonable and affordable prices, and producers with reliable and maximum selling price. The Freshmigo is a brainchild of various individuals shared their views to support ecosystem in the agriculture field and to develop a stronger platform to benefit everyone.

The Freshmigo & Oyaard Pvt Ltd is established in 2019 to initiate the direct selling of Mangoes, from field to door step of the customer, eliminating middle level overheads.

Most importantly, the most common myth ONLY METRO CITIES ARE BEST FOR ONLINE PURCHASE is busted when we introduced first of its kind Application in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh INDIA, the direct Android App to purchase Mangos. Nearly 200+ orders were placed and customers were happy with the entire order placement, quality and the price paid for the product. Ofcourse, it also made the producer happy with immediate cash at best rate received instantly.

In 2020, due to COVID 19, the need of Home Delivery for all essentials is at it peaks. The complete lockdown made all households to heavily depend on Local Groceries or Supermarkets to take orders and deliver. But as this was never the case before, and there is no preparedness from those Local stores to meet the demand. And most of all, the lack of supply chain, all items were not available, and orders were backlogged for more than 48 hours or even more, or sometimes never got delivered.

Thanks to Freshmigo team, all the above issues were addressed, after getting approval from LOCAL MUNICIPAL CORPORATE OFFICE for allowing Deliveries via two wheelers, the team is on the go to rescue. Within 3 days, the orders reached 50 and number is growing.

Why Freshmigo?

Simple to use, order essentials anytime before 9 pm, and get delivered next day by noon. During Covid 19 lockdown, NO MINIMUM PURCHASE, FREE DELIVERY, HIGHEST HYGIENE MEASURES AT MOST REASONABLE RATES CLOSEST TO LOCAL INSTORE PURCHASE.

Team Freshmigo:

Unlike many E-Commerce stores, Freshmigo is in-house built at our Software Company ITProFound Inc, and all divisions (Vendor Management, Inventory Control, Order Management, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing) are managed by our employees from various teams connected in our company, NO EMPLOYEE IS LAID OFF DUE TO COVID-19 CRISIS. Hats off to their commitment and support for Freshmigo customers.

Thank you.

Team Freshmigo &

Mohana Krishna Gavvagi

Dharani Krishna Gavvagi