Do I need to create an account to order items I need?

Absolutely, not. But we strongly recommend you to create an account as the type of products we have on our portal are daily essentials and you may require to have repetitive orders on a weekly basis or more frequently.

I am not getting OTP, for order confirmation. What to do?

Certain Cell phone carriers may have problem with their SMS system, if you consistently get the same problem, please use Freshmigo webapp to complete the order. Or else, whatsapp your order. We will process the order and deliver for you.

I live outside of India, shall I still order for my family or friends in India, where Freshmigo currently serves?

Sure, thing. You can place an order for your loved ones back in hometown, and our team will deliver.

My Android app is crashing, upon opening, it's frustrating.

Very sorry to hear, and there could be various reasons including the device memory, or Android itself. But our apologies for any inconvenience, and we will look into the crash report and resolve it asap. Meanwhile, please use Freshmigo webapp to complete your order.

How quickly Freshmigo delivers my order?

Any order placed by 7 pm, will be delivered the next day by noon. Any items that are not available after the order being placed, will be acquired and deliver as soon as they become available.

Is Freshmigo a store itself like BigBazar or DMart?

No, Freshmigo is formed on the basis of connecting fresh producers and the end consumer directly and sharing savings to each other. Freshmigo is connecting local vendors who are reliable and have been in the business for a long time.

Delivery of items are not the same as my order. What do I do?

If items are of the same but similar brand, it's due to the unavailability of the product. But in Anycase, we will take your consent before we deliver the items to you.

I do not see items I need in your catalogue. How do I order those items I need. ?

Just place an order through the Whatsapp number provided. We will first check for the availability and then will check with you and then send you Payment link for payment to place the order, or we will add items to the catalogue, and you can place the order from your end for your records.

What is the return policy?

Unfortunately, the return items are not allowed due to COVID-19 situation. Items can be replaced if they were damaged, or in bad condition. We wish to resume the return policy to normal after Covid-19 times. Please check back with us for our usual Return policy.